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Hofor is testing power-to-gas technology and increasing biogas production

The EU is investigating Chinese state support for the wind turbine industry

Japanese acquire Danish distributor of heat pumps and climate systems

The Danish million-dollar contribution aims to rebuild Ukraine's energy sector
Will protect the North Sea's power cables and gas pipelines against sabotage
Wing producer fires two-thirds at Danish headquarters
Vestas ended the quarter with orders for 800 MW

Denmark is miles away from its goal of green energy on land

Four Danish industrial giants miss long-term CO2 goals

Experts want Danish energy data space in the air

Kamstrup embarks on a major investment with new production facilities
The West Jutlanders are to ensure remote cooling for some of Denmark's largest companies
Sweco will advise on four new offshore wind farms in Denmark
Energy trading company in yet another major battery deal
The first commercial plant in operation: High-temperature heat pumps have found their first customers
Substantial loss in transition year
CIP rounds billion turnover and achieves record bottom line
Aalborg Portland has reduced a quarter of its CO2 emissions in two years

Ramboll sets revenue record: Construction is no longer the largest area

Niras to develop the design for future floating offshore wind farms

New million deficit for solar technology company

Investing a quarter billion in large batteries across the country
Ørsted in billion-dollar deal
Will create Northern Europe's largest offshore wind turbine port - in record time
Vestas close to yet another giant order
Danfoss predicts a challenging 2024
Innargi enters yet another geothermal agreement
Green transition ensures record year for Topsoe
Cowi increases its profit significantly: Renewable energy shows promising signs
Energy developer strikes in Australia
Solarfuture rolls out thousands of square meters of rooftop solar panels in Horsens
Holding onto billion-dollar investment: Director believes in wind industry's ketchup effect
Growth almost across the board: Not a given in turbulent markets
27 ways to harness more solar and wind power on land
Energy Company: Plenty of solar panels in stock leads to low prices
Ørsted appoints new CFO
Ørsted board appoints new chairman and vice chairman
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