Chinese wind turbine manufacturers court Danish ports

So far, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers have grown significantly in a massive domestic market, but they are increasingly looking towards Europe, where the green transition in the coming decades is expected to multiply wind turbine capacity several times over. This is reported by Finans.

One of the places where this interest is particularly felt is at Esbjerg Harbor.

- We know that the Chinese are eager to enter Europe because they all come to us and talk about their big plans. They can't get in (to the European market) if they can't get space in the ports to set up production or to install offshore wind farms, says port director Dennis Jul Pedersen to Finans.

So far, however, he has rejected the Chinese, and the same is true elsewhere in Europe, but he has no doubt that they are just waiting for an opportunity to establish themselves.

Christina Boutrup, an independent China analyst, agrees with that assessment. The EU is considering imposing tariffs on Chinese products that are heavily state-supported. Additionally, there are sustainability requirements that make it impossible to transport large steel structures halfway around the globe. Therefore, it is necessary for the Chinese to establish themselves locally.

So far, only a few Chinese wind turbines have been sold in Europe, but reportedly, the Chinese are participating and bidding on several of the large offshore wind turbine tenders being launched these years.

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