Ørsted sells a large onshore wind and solar business

Just two years after a major European deal, Ørsted has sold off some of its activities

Ørsted bids farewell to its French onshore wind and solar energy business. This occurs as part of a strategic prioritization of other European markets for renewable energy on land.

The sale includes Ostwind International S.A.S., Ostwind Engineering S.A., and their subsidiaries, collectively referred to as Ostwind France.

- As part of our updated business plan, we have revised our ambitions for the expansion of renewable energy towards 2030, focusing on where we believe we can create the most value for Ørsted. Based on this plan, we have decided to concentrate on the British, Irish, German, and Spanish markets for onshore wind and solar energy in Europe, states Kieran White, Ørsted's Head of Onshore in Europe, in a press release.

Continues in Germany 

The French energy company Engie has acquired the activities of Ostwind France, which includes 54 MW of operational renewable energy as well as an additional 24 MW of onshore wind under construction

Ørsted acquired Ostwind France in 2022 as part of the purchase of the French/German onshore wind and solar energy business from Ostwind AG. The German part of the Ostwind transaction is fully integrated into Ørsted and will continue to be a focal point for Ørsted's investments in onshore wind and solar energy in Europe.

With the sale of Ostwind France, Ørsted no longer has any remaining activities in France.

The transaction is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2024.

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