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Aarhus Vand A/S

Aarhus ReWater - Architectural Consultancy (Arkitektrådgivning)

Aarhus Vand A/S

Contract notice – utilities


Legal Basis:

Directive 2014/25/EU

Section I: Contracting entity

I.1) Name and addresses
Aarhus Vand A/S
Gunnar Clausens Vej 34
Viby J
Contact person: Inge H. Jensen
E-mail: ihj@aarhusvand.dk
NUTS code: DK042

Internet address(es):

Main address: https://www.aarhusvand.dk

I.2) Information about joint procurement
I.3) Communication
The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at: https://www.ibinder.com/External/EnquiryLink.aspx?id=tnphyousxm
Additional information can be obtained from another address:
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 9
Aarhus C
Contact person: Kathrine Linddahl
E-mail: ktli@cowi.com
NUTS code: DK042

Internet address(es):

Main address: https://www.cowi.com

Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via: https://www.ibinder.com/External/EnquiryLink.aspx?id=tnphyousxm
Electronic communication requires the use of tools and devices that are not generally available. Unrestricted and full direct access to these tools and devices is possible, free of charge, at: www.iBinder.dk
I.6) Main activity

Section II: Object

II.1) Scope of the procurement
II.1.1) Title:


Aarhus ReWater — Architectural Consultancy (Arkitektrådgivning)


II.1.2) Main CPV code
71000000 - KA14 - KA05
II.1.3) Type of contract
II.1.4) Short description:


In connection with the realisation of Aarhus ReWater, Aarhus Vand requires an architectural consultant (AC) to assist with interdisciplinary architectural consultancy for determining the overall architectural framework for the resource recovery plant (RRP). This is to be in the form of a strategic/physical master plan. In addition, input is required for the pending EIA process in the form of, for instance, outlines and visualisations as well as studies of space and volume. A further option will allow the AC, in the subsequent design and planning phase, to transfer to the 2 turnkey contractor teams implementing the RRP (Waste Water Plant — 560 000 PE). If the option is exercised, the AC will be doing the final design and architectural planning of the individual plants, buildings and outdoor areas as a part of the turnkey contractor teams. Accordingly, this tender procedure concerns a flexible agreement including architectural consultancy services in connection with Aarhus ReWater.


II.1.5) Estimated total value
II.1.6) Information about lots
This contract is divided into lots: no
II.2) Description
II.2.1) Title:
II.2.2) Additional CPV code(s)
II.2.3) Place of performance
NUTS code: DK042
II.2.4) Description of the procurement:


Realisation of Aarhus ReWater runs until mid-2027 when the resource plant is expected finished. Aarhus ReWater will be built in Aarhus on a site of around 12 hectares (land reclamation) near Tangkrogen and Marselisborg marina.

The final location of the resource plant has not yet been determined. 3 possible locations have previously been discussed; however, a recent political decision reduced this to 2. The 2 alternatives location will be evaluated during the 1st planning stage comprising the EIA study.

The plant is expected to be expanded on an ongoing basis and fully expanded in 2060, when its capacity will be up to 560 000 PE, corresponding to the expected population in 2060, based on the latest prognoses.

The project's total financial framework is 1 700 000 000-2 000 000 000 DKK, which will include all expenses related to the project.

The location of Aarhus ReWater is on land reclamation in the transition area between land and sea, city and harbour, marina and event area, calls for an adaptation of the plant that goes beyond its mere utility value and incorporates the surroundings — the requirements and options of the citizens — into the area.

The organisation of the interaction with the surroundings opens up to the possibility that the plant may perform as a link between citizens and users of the area. This will demonstrate and unfold the key and paramount importance of the plant to the hygiene and health of the surrounding society.

The structure and the design of the plant will tell the story of the vital function that is part of every citizen's daily life rather than closing in on itself as a disparate element in the surrounding societal structure.

Consequently, the central location of the resource recovery plant and its interaction with the surrounding city are vital elements in the design of the plant.

This calls for an architectural consultant who can assist in realisation of the project.

Due to the complexity of the project, it is difficult at the time of conclusion of the contract to determine the final content of the consultancy services assignment, which will need to be adapted to the Aarhus ReWater project on an ongoing basis. Consequently, the assignment is offered as a flexible contract, under which the parties in order to further specify the consultancy work will jointly draft a services catalogue containing an overview of relevant consultancy tasks with description of the services, including the architectural consultant's services and activities and budget estimates at the individual stages of the Aarhus ReWater project.


II.2.5) Award criteria
Price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated only in the procurement documents
II.2.6) Estimated value
II.2.7) Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system
Duration in months: 92
This contract is subject to renewal: yes
Description of renewals:


The term of the contract stated in months is indicative only. The contract runs until Aarhus ReWater has been implemented. This is expected to take place in mid-2027.


II.2.9) Information about the limits on the number of candidates to be invited
Envisaged number of candidates: 4
Objective criteria for choosing the limited number of candidates:


When making a selection among the suitable applicants, Aarhus Vand will select the 4 applicants who, in the light of the work for which tenders are invited, are assessed to have the best technical and professional capacity as well as sufficient financial resilience, the main emphasis being on the former (references).

The evaluation will take place on the basis of information stated in the eESPD as well as any supplementary reference sheets. The selection of pre-qualified applicants among more suitable applicants will take place on the basis of the client's evaluation of the applicants' technical capacity as documented by way of the references forwarded as well as the applicants' economic and financial capacity based on the requested key ratios, the main emphasis being on the former (project references).

In the selection procedure, the client will assess which applicants have sufficient financial resilience and which applicants have documented by way of the references forwarded the most relevant references (references = project references) in respect of the work for which tenders are invited.

‘Relevant references’ are construed by the client as references which are comparable to the work for which tenders are invited in terms of nature, complexity and scope, including in particular references within the drafting of master plans and design manuals, urban and landscape planning, design of technical buildings as well as architectural project planning of the aforesaid services. Particular importance is attached to references within:

— wastewater treatment plants/resource recovery plants,

— supply facilities,

— production plant,

— coastal and port areas close to the city.

As for references within master plans as well as urban and landscape planning, importance is attached to the fact that the references forwarded document experience in incorporation of technical facilities (wastewater treatment plants/resource recovery plants, supply facilities or production plant) in the surrounding context as well as experience in the technical facility's (wastewater treatment plants/resource recovery plants, supply facilities or production plant) interaction with consumer-based activities, including communication of facility functions.


II.2.10) Information about variants
Variants will be accepted: no
II.2.11) Information about options
Options: yes
Description of options:


The call for tenders includes an option that will allow Aarhus Vand to let the architectural consultant transfer to the 2 turnkey contractor teams that will be realising the resource recovery plant, see Appendix 2.1 ‘Prospectus’ of the contract documents. The cooperation in the 2 turnkey contractor teams will start by way of an innovation partnership and be based on partnering. Together with the other parties in the turnkey contractor teams, the architectural consultant will have to become part of the innovation partnership in which focus will be on innovating and developing the project through 4 phases, preliminary design, final design, planning and construction, respectively. Through the phases, the turnkey contractor teams must seek to implement the project and continuously ensure incorporation of the project principles on modularity and flexibility, digitalisation and automation, incorporation of the UN global goals as well as seek to solve the innovation challenges of Aarhus Vand.

If the option is exercised, the architectural consultant will be doing the final design and architectural planning of the individual plants, buildings and outdoor areas as a part of the turnkey contractor teams.


II.2.12) Information about electronic catalogues
II.2.13) Information about European Union funds
The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
II.2.14) Additional information

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1) Conditions for participation
III.1.1) Suitability to pursue the professional activity, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers
III.1.2) Economic and financial standing
List and brief description of selection criteria:


The applicant must provide the following information for the 3 most recent financial years:

— equity,

— revenue,

— solvency ratio.

The said information must be stated when completing Part IV, Paragraph B, of the eESPD. Revenue must be stated under annual revenue. Equity and solvency ratio must be stated under key financial ratios.

In addition, reference is made to Paragraph II.2.9 of the tender notice.


Minimum level(s) of standards possibly required:


In order to ensure that applicants have the proper financial and economic capacity, a minimum requirement is that applicant equity has been positive for the past 3 disposable financial years.


III.1.3) Technical and professional ability
List and brief description of selection criteria:


No minimum requirements are set for technical and professional capacity. Applicants' technical and professional capacity in the form of references (project references) from previously performing similar projects will, however, form the basis of the selection among more suitable applicants, see Paragraph II.2.9 of the tender notice.

In the application for pre-qualification, applicants are therefore requested to state no more than a total of 10 references to the widest extent possible documenting that the applicant is experienced in the activities described in Paragraph II.2.9 of the tender notice.

— the references cannot be older than 5 years calculated as from completion of the work,

— the references must pertain to pending/completed projects and cannot amount to more than 2 A4 sheets for each reference (as for separately enclosed references).

As for the aforesaid, it is noted that, considering the special nature of the work, references are permitted which are up to 5 years old calculated as from completion of the work.

If an application is accompanied by more than 10 references from the entire team of applicants, the selection will only be based on the 10 references which, following an immediate review of such references, the client considers to be the best/most qualified references.


Minimum level(s) of standards possibly required:


No minimum requirements are set for technical and professional capacity.


III.1.4) Objective rules and criteria for participation
III.1.5) Information about reserved contracts
III.1.6) Deposits and guarantees required:
III.1.7) Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.1.8) Legal form to be taken by the group of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded:


Where the contract is awarded to a union of financial players (such as a consortium, joint venture or similar), the participants in the union must undertake joint and several, direct and unconditional liability and appoint a joint representative.


III.2) Conditions related to the contract
III.2.1) Information about a particular profession
III.2.2) Contract performance conditions:


The contract is based on FIDIC White Book (client/consultant model services agreement) and includes social clauses, see Appendix 2.4 ‘Draft architectural consultancy agreement’ to the contract documents, including appendices and particular conditions.


III.2.3) Information about staff responsible for the performance of the contract
Obligation to indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff assigned to performing the contract

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1) Description
IV.1.1) Type of procedure
Negotiated procedure with prior call for competition
IV.1.3) Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system
IV.1.4) Information about reduction of the number of solutions or tenders during negotiation or dialogue
IV.1.6) Information about electronic auction
IV.1.8) Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: yes
IV.2) Administrative information
IV.2.1) Previous publication concerning this procedure
IV.2.2) Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
Date: 19/08/2019
Local time: 12:00
IV.2.3) Estimated date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates
Date: 23/08/2019
IV.2.4) Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted:
Danish, English
IV.2.6) Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
Duration in months: 4 (from the date stated for receipt of tender)
IV.2.7) Conditions for opening of tenders

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1) Information about recurrence
This is a recurrent procurement: no
VI.2) Information about electronic workflows
Electronic payment will be used
VI.3) Additional information:


Reference is made to the contract documents, including in particular the pre-qualification conditions including information on the pre-qualification procedure.

Re. I.3) Request for pre-qualification must be uploaded via iBinder, https://www.ibinder.com/External/EnquiryLink.aspx?id=tnphyousxm

Any questions in the pre-qualification phase must be sent by means of the iBinder question/answer module.

Re. III.1.2) and III.1.3) The electronic European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) may be accessed by upload of the contract documents' XML file to iBinder, https://www.ibinder.com/External/EnquiryLink.aspx?id=tnphyousxm

It is noted that references may be uploaded as separate documents.

Re. IV.1.1) The tender procedure is conducted as a tender procedure including negotiations, however, subject to award of the contract on the basis of the preliminary tender. If negotiations are conducted, all tenderers will be invited to participate in such negotiation meeting. Reference is otherwise made to the contract documents for a detailed description of the negotiation procedure. Participants in the tender procedure will receive no remuneration.


VI.4) Procedures for review
VI.4.1) Review body
Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud)
Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2
Telephone: +45 72405708
E-mail: klfu@naevneneshus.dk

Internet address: https://erhvervsstyrelsen.dk/klagenaevnet-for-udbud

VI.4.2) Body responsible for mediation procedures
VI.4.3) Review procedure
Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures:


According to the Danish Act of the Complaints Board for Public Procurement (lov om Klagenævnet for Udbud), complaints about not obtaining pre-qualification must be submitted to the complaints board for public procurement within 20 calendar days calculated from the day after the day on which the client has sent notification to the affected applicants about who has been pre-qualified, see S. 2(1) of the Act, if the notification has included a brief account of the relevant reasons for the decision.

Other complaints must be submitted to the complaints board for public procurement within 45 calendar days calculated from the day after the client's publication of a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union on the conclusion of a contract.


VI.4.4) Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained
The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen)
Carl Jakobsens Vej 35
Telephone: +45 41715000
E-mail: kfst@kfst.dk

Internet address: www.kfst.dk

VI.5) Date of dispatch of this notice:

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