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MAGNETIC fixation of your equipment, now as STAINLESS STEEL

MAGNETIC FIXATION of any of your equipment, now as STAINLESS STEEL for harsh environment

With STAINLESS STEEL THREAD TYPES, you will acheive the optimal corrosion resistance for your magnetic applications in harsh environments. This will prolong the life time of your magnetic solution, and save you both time and cost during operation and maintenance.
You will experience how the durable and UV-resistant Santoprene rubber protects the neodym magnets in harsh environment and you can take full advantage of our series of stainless steel ProMag® rubber magnets that are developed specifically for both offshore and onshore applications.
A production change from traditional galvanized steel to stainless steel has required careful testing and analysis to maintain the accurate magnetic force and magnetic properties, as various steel types lead the magnetism differently.

Therefore, it requires complex measurement to reach the high standard and quality that we deliver at Larko Magnet Wind.


Different types of stainless steel

At the same time, stainless steel is not just stainless steel when we look at it in connection with magnets. Stainless steel has different properties, obviously in regards to corrosion resistance, but also in regards to the effect on the magnetic force. Therefore, the right type of stainless steel depends on the built and construction of the magnet as well as the required magnetic properties such as magnetic force.

We always strive to produce the thread types with AISI 316L (A4) as these are in direct contact with the surrounding environment. The stainless steel type to be used in the magnets will be carefully selected based on the objectives of achieving the highest possible magnetic force and the best possible corrosion resistance. This will depend on the built of the magnet, the specific application and customer requirements.

Larko Magnet Wind offers the largest stainless steel assortment in the industry - overview of our ProMag® rubber coated stainless steel assortment: 

Diameter   Fixation method            Product no
Ø66           External thread / 250N  60120SS
Ø88           External thread / 550N  60130SS
Ø50           External thread / 450N  60112SS
Ø66           Internal thread / 250N   60330SS

Ø43           Screwed bush / 100N    60030SS

Ø22          Cable holder/ 38N         30874SS
Ø31           Cable holder/ 89N         30875SS
Ø43           Cable holder/ 100N       30876SS    
Ø66           Cable holder/ 250N       30878SS
201x61      Block / 400 kg                60420SS
125x61      Block / 200 kg                60421SS
100x61      Block / 100 kg                60422SS
I you are looking for a stainless steel solution based on your specific need, we can develop a magnetic solution based on your requirements and technical drawings.
We have more than 25 years of experience with magnetic solutions and specialize in developing tailor made solutions. We will be happy to discuss your next magnetic solution.

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