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Some only need to measure e.g. at a single point at regular intervals, log it measurement data and later print them out for further analysis or control.

 - Others needs continuous monitoring of e.g. temperature, voltage, current, energy etc. in many measuring points simultaneously.

Outdoor data loggers is used to monitor many kinds of situations. This is usually temperature and humidity, but also value like rain, wind, soil moisture many other things. Our top suppliers Onset and Gemini is providing top quality loggers for exactly this purpose.

See a selection og our outdoor dataloggers – our experts have the best solutions for you

 - Onset H21-USB Weatherstation - Onset's micro station, H21-USB, is a versatile weather station for measuring a micro climate. The unit is, with it's rugged design, build for the worst weather situations.

-  Onset RG3 Rain data logger - Rain datalogger, RG3-M, is a tipping bucket design, wher every tip is 0,2mm. The unit has a high accurasy of only 1%.

  - Onset U30 serien - HOBO U30/NRC weather station is a versatile stand alone weather station. It's designed to meet the harsh weather in even the worst conditions. 

- Tinytag PLUS  - 1 or 2 channel data loggers in a robust waterproof design (IP68). The units are pressure testet down to 15m. The Tinytag PLUS series different versions measure temperature, humidity, voltage, current and counting.

 - Tinytag probes and accessories - Rain datalogger, RG3-M, is a tipping bucket design, wher every tip is 0,2mm. The unit has a high accurasy of only 1%. 

 - Tinytag PLUS 2 - HOBO MX2300 series is weatherprrof and are avaible in different models. Bluetooth communication provides easy programming and download of data. It also provides real time data for visual check, before a logger is left for a long period of time.

 - Onset Smart Sensors -  Smartsensors from Onset will automatically identify itself for the logger and setup the channel correct. Sensors for measuring temperatur, humidity, wind, rain, light, Leaf wetness, soil moisture and others.

See more of our selection here at Recab and download datasheets

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