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Recab & Houmb invite you to speed up your Digital Security practices - Identify the most critical people, processes & technology.

Welcome to a Free webinar: Strengthen your Digital Security today – Critical people
Recab and Houmb invite you  to speed up your Digital Security practices.
Identify the most critical people, processes and technology

The webinar will give you insight into:

  • Understand the people aspects of security
  • Improve detection, response, recovery and protection
  • Prioritize your top 10 mitigations
  • Insight into the course Cyber Security 3 – 5 -10
  • The example scenario is taken from an attack on a Power Grid

Host: Erlend Engum, Digital Security Coach at Houmb AS. Graduated with Masters of Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and MBA at Rice University. In recent years, Erlend has worked with management, design and hands-on implementation of complex technology and has had roles including course instructor, product owner, consultant, system integrator and development lead. He has written several articles and gives regular lectures on cyber security and technology.

Duration: 35 min
Date: 17:th of June –  at 9.00-9,35
The webinar is in English langue and we use a closed platform –  Go To Webinar

Registration here:  https://recab.com/free-webinar-strengthen-your-digital-security-today-critical-people/

Read more about Recab´s Cyber Security range here


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