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Danish Export Academy: Establishing a succesful international sales team

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7. november 2024 7. november 2024


This workshop equips you with strategies to cultivate a high-performing, culturally adept sales team, enhancing their competencies to navigate complex international markets effectively. Through practical examples, you'll learn to foster cooperation, adaptability, and efficiency within your team.

You will learn:

  • Understanding what defines a high-performing sales team, and what it takes to create one.
  • Designing a common sales process and ensuring that your team applies the agreed processes.
  • Securing alignment on the sales strategy, growth opportunities, and goals.
  • Establishing common routines for operating in a hybrid workplace of physical and online meetings
  • Addressing cultural differences – internally and towards your customers.
  • Implementing focus on continuous improvement in the sales team.

Target group:

This course is designed for sales directors and sales managers who are responsible for an international sales team.

Danish Export Association (Eksportforeningen)
Eksportens Hus
Lysbrohøjen 24
8600 Silkeborg
Silkeborg Kommune
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Eksportens Hus
8600 Silkeborg

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