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Prototypes and Design for manufacturing

1. juli 2029

Powercon's Facilities allows for a proper assembly process of prototypes and small series of all sizes of equipment.

PowerCon offers clients fast and predictable delivery of converter systems and test equipment using a combination of new and proven technology tailored to customers' needs.

The focus applied on designing robust products is vital to achieving the right quality at the right cost and ensures satisfied customers.

Prototyping and producing small series of products enables PowerCon to measure and compare assembly processes and bill of material structure with the expected volume cost.

 All stages in the development; design, testing and production processes; are carried out at the PowerCon facilities.

We employ DFM methods throughout the development process to ensure a smooth transition to production

Critical product properties, CTQ's, are identified and clearly communicated via TPS'

Close cooperation with suppliers to ensure mutual understanding of CTQ's

Deep insight and hands-on experience with processes through-out the value-chain allowing us to "breach the divide"

Facilities available for prototype build and 0-series production

Enables easy verification of assembly processes and BOM structures against cost-estimates

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Peter Castberg Knudsen
Business Development

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