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Converter Hardware Development

8. juni 2029

The development of Converter hardware is one of PowerCon ´s core competences and the many years of experience in the industry are creating the foundation for rapid, competitive and reliable designs. The track record since 2009 includes:

•      Back to Back 6MW converter for generator R&D test bench

•      Back to Back 8MW converter for generator R&D test bench

•      Back to Back 6MW converter for generator production test bench

•      Complete 100-200kW converter including a new and beyond state of the art Converter controller

Our team of engineers includes mechanical, thermal and electrical hardware competences all with many years of experience from various converter typologies and physical designs. Because of this PowerCon can offer customers a turnkey delivery according to specific requirements and time plan or more supporting services where the development is done as a more integrated project with the customer.

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Jacob Kimose Jespersen
+45 22584510 jkj@powercon.dk

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