PartnerPlast Modular Support Buoy 234 Heavy Duty

21. juni 2025

The most commonly used large modular buoys, both for permanent and temporary use. Available in all depth ratings from surface to 2000 meters. For surface buoys, AIS, radar reflector and light system can be provided as an option, with a nominal
detection range of four nautical miles. The steel work has a MBL of 85t.

Standard color: bright yellow, optional: orange. Buoyancy figures are given
seawater with density 1,025 kg/dm3. Weight figures are dry weight in air.
Buoyancy figures are nominal net Buoyancy.

The MSB 234 series can also be delivered as with a Heavy Duty shell as an option, giving buoys that can survive even more harsh environments and rough handling. Benefits Extremely strong and durable, mechanical properties remains even subzero temperatures, suited for arctic conditions, lower repair frequency and hence operational cost reduction, flexible material – high degree of shock absorption, color durability, enviromental protection – reduces spilage of buoyancy core material.

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