Hot Plate Leveler SMS Mannesmann Demag Sack

12. april 2023
SMS Mannesmann Demag Sack

Mfg. SMS Mannesmann Demag Sack
Year of Mfg. 1990; Continuously upgraded
Cassette type leveler
Max Plate Width: 3.900 mm
Max Leveling Pressure: 30.000kN
Min Plate Thickness: 4 mm (pre-leveling range)
8 mm (hot leveling range)
Max Plate Thickness: 100 mm (hot leveling), exception 200 mm
Plate Length: 3 – 10 Meter
Plate Temperatures: 250 – 1.000º Celcius
C. (Stainless Steel): 1.50º C
Stainless Steel Leveling range-diagram: see table 01.03
Max pressure depending on plate width: see table 01.04 – 01.05
Max travel of top adjustments: see table 01.06 – 01.09
Roll diameter x length (for all rolls) diameter: 285 mm x 4.100 mm
No. of leveling rolls: 11 (all powered)
Division of all leveling rolls: 300 mm
Support of the top rolls: 5 x 6
Support of the bottom rolls: 4 x 6
Support of the exit rolls: 2 x 3
Max opening between the leveling rolls: 300 mm
Max. distance between the columns: 4.100 mm
Leveling speed: 0 to 46,5/93 M/min. (approx.)
Adjustment speed of leveling rolls: 0 to 20 mm/sec. (approx.)
Adjustment speed of exit rolls: v to 1,0 mm/sec.
(4) Main drive motors: 278 kW, each
Plate thickness ranges: 8-25/100/200 mm
Max Leveling Speed: 1,5 M/sec.
Max Leveling Force: 30.000 kN
11 Straightening Rolls: 5 top and 6 bottom
Roll diameter length: 285 mm x 4.100 mm
Main adjustment: 4 Hydraulic Cylinders.
Special adjustment (hydraulic): Cambering of Straightening Rolls, Tipping, Weighing
Controls: ABB (upgraded after 2010)
Two change cassettes (one located at bay 23)

Equipped with:

(4) Hydraulic Cylinders for cambering (bending) of the rolls.
Flatness and Temperature Measuring and Unit “NOKRA”, situated at the entry of the Leveler
Lifting Beam for lifting Rolls


Hilco Industrial Acquisitions BV
Jan van Goyenkade 10
1075 HP Amsterdam

Nidhi Agarwal
Telefon: +31 20 470 0989

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