Custom power supply AC/DC for UAV (drones)

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MCB Electronics has designed and developed a versatile customizable AC/DC system suitable for specific markets such as UAV (drones, air taxis etc..) and wind tunnels.

Starting from a single custom unit is possible to parallelize more units in order to reach and meet the desired output Voltage and Amperage ranges provided by the customer.

 The flexibility of the conceived units allows the fulfilment of any AC input configuration:

  •  either through connectors/plugs for the smallest units or through an easy manual setup of the input terminal block for the high-wattage machines.
  •  through a custom automatic AC input detection device capable to sense the mains line specifications and accordingly automatically set the unit up without any human operation needed.

 Supported AC mains configurations:

  •  Single-Phase (120Vac 50/60Hz - 230/240Vac 50/60Hz)
  •  Two-Phase (2 x 120Vac 50/60Hz)
  •  Three-Phase (3 x 208Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 400Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 480Vac 50/60Hz - 3 x 600Vac 50/60Hz

 Our current power offering, easily adjustable according to the customer’s requirements, currently covers the following specifications:

  • 5kW, 1-100A, 20-50Vdc - single unit allocated in a Rack 19’’
  • 8kW, 1-150A, 20-50Vdc - single unit allocated in a mini cabinet 500mm x 600mm x 600mm (W x D x H)
  • 25kW, 1-100A, 20-100Vdc composed by 5 x 5kW units allocated in a cabinet 600mm x 600mm x 1200mm (WxDxH)
  • 75kW, 1-500A, 20-150Vdc composed by 15 x 5kW units allocated in a cabinet 1000mm x 800mm x 1800mm (W x D x H)
  • 200kW, 1-500A, 50-400Vdc composed by 40 x 5kW units allocated in a cabinet 2000mm x 800mm x2000mm (WxDxH)

 Regulation of current and voltage can be carried out either via a dedicated frontal control panel and/or remotely via RS232/Ethernet (SCPI communication protocol).  

This system, upon specific request and extra surcharge, beside the standard power supply mode can be equipped and integrated with the battery charging mode as well.


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