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AirXroad/4P: All-in-one: AP/client/repeater/Mesh/router

14. januar 2022

Recab presents AirXroad/4P an 11n WiFi access point, Ethernet bridge, repeater & MESH point for automotive & heavy duty applications. AirXroad/4P is E-marked ECE R10* and can thus be installed in full safety aboard of all on-road equipment.

Recab News: VPX with Intel’s 11th Generation Processors

12. januar 2022

Concurrent Technologies announced several new board designs fitted with Intel’s 11th Generation Processors (Formerly known as Tiger Lake)

Recab a different, but successful year

20. december 2021

New acquisitions, a pandemic, component shortages and a growing order entry, Recab looks back at the past year.

NEW version: Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS) V9.0

17. december 2021

The HiOS software increases the power and performance of its Industrial Ethernet switches. HiOS software supports various security mechanisms, comprehensive management and diagnostic methods, precise time synchronization and redundancy protocols.

Recab Catalog – Developed products & solutions

13. december 2021

By acknowledging the value of quality technology while working within cost, time and life cycle constraints, our engineers do what is necessary for each individual application to tailor the right solution for our customers.

Sony STARVIS IMX462 sensor for Color Industrial Cameras

2. december 2021

Ideal for low-light applications in security, inspection and microscopy. Industrial and board-level cameras with this sensor are production-ready and can be ordered in large quantities

Recab: Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB)Industrial 5G is here

26. november 2021

Smart manufacturing, automated logistics, transparent supply chains or maintenance over the cloud: Industrial 5G will be the connectivity engine that drives secure, efficient IoT use cases.

Artificial Intelligence to Industrial Automation

16. november 2021

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines are now able to make decisions, solve problems and drive efficiencies. This makes AI the heart of Industry 4.0 and opens up an immeasurable amount of opportunities for many different businesses.

Innovative software & hardware in high-end TV broadcasts

28. oktober 2021

An embedded solution: CuePilot approached Recab in 2020 to develop a new custom-built hardware solution. At Recab, when we are talking to new customers, we always start with the same question: ‘What is your dream product?’

Recab: SEMIL Extreme-Rugged IP67 Waterproof

13. oktober 2021

Neousys SEMIL IP67 Rugged Embedded & GPU Computer - designed to survive and operate in significantly more volatile conditions while maintaining COTS availability.

Embedded AI system built to bring AI to any work environment

22. september 2021

The BOXER-8100AI family of embedded AI systems feature the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, a powerful 6-core ARM unit supporting 256 CUDA cores of processing power, perfect for AI edge computing.

White Paper – High performance Ethernet redundancy solution

17. september 2021

Today’s defense systems are highly sophisticated and based on high-performance mission computers, servers, workstations & signal processing nodes that need to exchange large amounts of information.

Recab: Make your own AI applications - Deep Learning

25. august 2021

Fish Classification using Adaptive Vision Studio & Deep Learning Add-on Do you need to analyze a variety of objects where there may be some unclear boundaries for what is good and bad? In that case, AI may be something to take a closer look at.

Recab: Critical new cyber security - Operational Technology

9. august 2021

Critical new cyber security threats to their Operational Technology (OT) systems - New treats, how to secure your business

mSYS-3500 from Recab

23. juli 2021

– The first mTCA.4 truly“open standard” turnkey solutions on the market. mSYS-3500 from Recab is a turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution.

Recab: Hirschmann Industrial Firewall

16. juli 2021

Hirschmann Industrial Firewall is specifically designed to meet the critical demands of industrial & process automation environments.

Recab: Dataloggers - Temperature and humidity

13. juli 2021

Some only need to measure e.g. at a single point at regular intervals, log it measurement data and later print them out for further analysis or control.

Thermoelectric cooled - Digital CMOS cameras - MIL-STD-810G

8. juli 2021

Recab: New thermoelectric cooled cameras from IMPERX employ single stage Peltier cooling technology for increased thermal stability in demanding industrial & commercial applications including medical, scientific & machine vision markets.

VPX - Technology - Benefits - Comparison - Recab

30. juni 2021

The OpenVPX framework defines the clear interoperability points necessary for integration between Module to Module and Module to Backplane and Chassis.

Free webinar: Digital Security – Critical people

9. juni 2021

Recab & Houmb invite you to speed up your Digital Security practices - Identify the most critical people, processes & technology.

Industrial PC –Rugged solutions that are built to last Recab

4. juni 2021

Many organizations across diverse vertical markets are faced with a choice over the type of computing set-up they need to optimize their operations. - Read our guidance within Industrial PC

Recab 2U Server Gen 3 - High Environmental Specifications

24. maj 2021

For slightly tougher environments compared to a server hall - installations outside a controlled server hall fit Recab 2U Server Gen 3 server best - Free Download of Datasheet

Webinar: Digital Security– Critical People

20. maj 2021

Free webinar: Strengthen your Digital Security today – Critical people Recab & Houmb invite you to speed up your Digital Security practices - Identify the most critical people, processes & technology.

Recab: USB3 Vision Cameras

7. maj 2021

For Factory Automation, Quality Assurance & Inspection -With a selection of over 100 USB 3 cameras in its portfolio, The Imaging Source offers a USB industrial camera for nearly every application and price point.

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