Recovering the unrecoverable

31. december 2016

Energy recovery from industrial exhaust gases has the potential to
unlock large amounts of valuable energy savings and reduce CO2
and carbon emissions.
However, in the past this opportunity has largely gone unexploited
due to the hostile exhaust environments.

For the first time, our innovative Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (HPHE)
design, combined with new manufacturing techniques has enabled
our customers to cost effectively recover energy from hot corrosive
and dirty exhaust.
This will enable you to:
• Reduce fuel demands,CO2 and carbon emissions
• Capture waste energy
• Increase process efficiency
• Reduce costs by lowering fuel consumption

These are just a few of the applications where valuable
waste energy can be recovered:

• Biomass boilers
• Heavy fuel oil boilers
• Coal boilers
• Kilns
• Furnaces
• Ovens

Any questions, please contact

Spirax Sarco Ltd.
Blokken 62
3460 Birkerød

Niels Valant
Telefon: +45 38104288
Fax: +45 38343858

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